Women with breast cancer can now use an alternative treatment known as letrozole. Letrozole is a non-steroidal treatment mainly taken orally for the treatment of breast cancer, but it is also taken by women who have entered the menopausal stage and to avoid a number of diseases caused by menopause .

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Letrozole is contains non-steroidal properties that decrease the amount of estrogen produced in the body. Too much estrogen can lead to abnormal cell production and can lead to breast cancer. Letrozole blocks the production of estrogen by hormone binding and hormone inhibition of further development.

FDA approved

The drug has already gained US FDA approval and can be purchased with prescription in pharmacies across the country. But it has side effects, including osteoporosis and hypoandroginism. Despite this, the drug is still used for other clinical purposes.

Later, studies have shown that the drug can help women to conceive. In 2001, doctors began injecting Letrozole into women's patients to induce fertility. However, in 2005, a study by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine has shown that induction of the drug for women for fertility can cause malformations in the baby being born.

Because the drug also works to reduce the amount estrogen in the body, it helps to increase the level of testosterone. Therefore, it is also preferred by some athletes and bodybuilders for sporting purposes. However, a dose greater than 5 mg per day can cause serious kidney damage so good medication should be administered at all times.

Letrozole Dosage

For menopauseal women, letrozole should be taken once a day, with or without food in the stomach. It is highly recommended that patients take the drug at the same time each day for the purposes of regulation. You must also strictly follow the bottle printed prescription or what the doctor has advised of you. Be sure to continue taking medication until your doctor advises you to do otherwise.

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