Spironolactone (Aldactone)

Spironolactone (Aldactone) est un stéroïde, mais il est couramment utilisé comme un diurétique. La base pour cela est simple – il inhibe la production d’aldostérone et comme un résultat comme un effet de diminution de la rétention d’eau, permettant de bodybuilders à réaliser que « arraché » look. L’aldostérone régule le niveau global de l’eau stockée par le corps et par l’augmentation de l’électrolyte compte. Sprionolactone peut être le signe que votre corps à libérer de l’eau en raison de sa manipulation de l’aldostérone. L’utilisation de ce stéroïde est de réduire la rétention d’eau et, par conséquent, l’augmentation générale de la condition. Cela rend spironolactone un choix attrayant pour les culturistes compétitifs et modèles.

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In the medical community, spironolactone is used as a diuretic when toxins have been consumed, and also as an antihypertensive drug. Spironolactone has no effect on potassium levels so electrolyte balance is not a concern, with its use. This makes it much safer than lasix to use as a diuretic.

Spironolactone Bodybuilding

Sprionolactone may have some value in reducing androgen side effects because it blocks the androgen receptor. As a result of this, on each side of the block effect, there will be a loss in overall gain. Therefore, it should not be used for this purpose since the ultimate way of eliminating all the side effects of concomitant use with another steroid would be to eliminate all the gains in case the use of steroids to start would not be necessary.

Spironolactone can be used post cycle and be effective. A post-cycle goal bodybuilder is to speed up the normalization process as much as possible. This includes the recovery of HPTA and increasing levels of natural testosterone production to a normal level. The way that testosterone is to bring back the post-cycle is through the elimination of negative feedback. Sprironolactone can be performed at the end of treatment with nolvadex and clomid and alongside HCG. This will have an effect on reducing the amount of side effects of HCG, such as water retention and acne, and will also provide a synergistic effect with clomid or nolvadex treatment to reduce water retention and stop additional side effects. Side effects of a steroid cycle are normally seen during the cycle itself, but can also occur after the cycle has been interrupted. The use of spironolactone can avoid such side effects to occur, for a start, with or greatly reduce their impact.

Spironolactone (Aldactone) Cure

To prepare for a bodybuilding competition or a photo shoot (if a model is using Aldactone), a person should only use 75-100 mg of Aldactone a day for the 5 to 10 days closer to the competition. One dose, take the first thing in the morning, would be a method in which Aldactone can be used. Aldactone is relatively mild diuretic (compared to, for example, lasix), and the higher the dose, the greater the effect. As a result of the highest dose, the possibility of an anti-androgen muscle, a greater amount of muscle loss, are possible. If a user is planning on running the Aldactone post-cycle as part of the post-cycle therapy of 50-100 mg per day from 1-1.5 weeks after your last long-lasting stroke of androgens and this must be performed until the end of post-cycle therapy ( typically 4 to 5 weeks later).

Aldactone acts as an anti-androgen, bloating counters and water retention and is used as an antihypertensive.

The use of props is relatively useless here because it acts as an anti-androgen, bloating counters and water retention and is used as an antihypertensive. If common steroids side effects are no problem with the use of spironolactone.

Spironolactone Side Effects

Spironolactone is not perfect for the reduction of androgenic side effects, but nothing really is, because side effects are some of the risks bodybuilders choose to take to gain more muscle mass and strength. Sprironolactone is very well controlling side effects post cycle therapieat a point where earnings can not be inhibited since the use of steroids has been stopped. It should be noted that the inhibitors of aldosterone and other diuretics have their own unique side effects. Cramp is such an effect. Sodium and potassium are the two most effective electrolytes by the use of diuretics, and they are essential for muscle contraction. If cramps can occur during these two electrolytes are handled. Diarrhea, anxiety, dehydration and weakness are also associated with diuretic use.

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