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Bodybuilding as a dangerous sport

Find out what traumas are harassedBodybuilding by professional bodybuilders at the end of a sporting career and how to avoid serious injuries.

Let's start with the fact that thebodybuilding is officially recognized as a sport, because of any highly qualified sportsman or sportswoman can get the title of "master of bodybuilding sports", etc. But at the same time, it can not serve as the main proof of the consistency of themusculationas a sport, because in recent years, the reality of our world vary greatly, and soon even the competition on computer games will acquire the status of cyber sport zones. By the way, in South Korea, they do their best to get such recognition of cyber sport. It is therefore necessary to give the concept of "bodybuilding" complete terminology, so that readers are not doubts about the validity of this sport.

What is bodybuilding?

Conditionally, we can say that bodybuilding is a set of processes whose common goal is to build muscle mass. In this case, the athlete should have a relatively low percentage of fat in the body and not forget the overall proportions, ie. Here, muscle imbalances are not welcome, for example, developed biceps and a narrow, untrained forearm.

There are three most important factors that contribute to the success of bodybuilding:

• balanced diet in calories;

• Regular training with weights;

• Good rest and sleep that help restore.

Often, it suffices to observe the three postulates mentioned above in order to obtain notable progress for foreigners. Of course, all this is just a generalized theory - the tip of the iceberg. In practice, each of these issues requires a detailed study, but people in most cases do not suspect the presence of such factors that complicate the coveted growth of the musculature. More and more, the opinion of people who are not bodybuilding directly familiar with bodybuilding is reduced to banal condemnation and insult to the athletes. All the blame for having a lot of stereotypes and myths.


Many believe that bodybuilding is not a contact sport, and therefore injuries are rare. But this is a misconception because there is contact and struggle. Only, instead of a rival man, you must fight with iron, which will not forgive mistakes.

You must try to minimize the risk of damage. Although you can not protect yourself against them. Even the smallest injury can slow progress considerably. If you participate in the competition, then because of the damage, all your plans can be frustrated. To get the injury can not only beginners, but also experienced builders. Today, we will help you consider bodybuilding as a dangerous sport.

Bodybuilding and criticism

Despite its massive popularity, bodybuilding boasts an impressive number of enemies and critics. One of the main factors, because of which bodybuilding is doomed by the majority, is the use of pharmacological drugs - ASA (steroids). Alas, but only in bodybuilding, this process is visible to the naked eye. People do not want to recognize or understand that doping is used in any professional sport, and that's perfectly normal.

Competitive world class tournaments are a fight for high achievements, and without a professional steroid sport is simply impossible. The difference lies solely in the determination of doping. As already mentioned above, in bodybuilding, bodybuilding familiar with bodybuildingapplication is noticeable to everyone, and as a result, PRO athletes take tons of negative reviews.

There is a group of people who say that only in the pharmacological means of bodybuilding are used, turning a blind eye to the fact that many athletes who use drugs have been caught and continue to catch in any sport. The main argument for their legitimacy is the availability of WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. Unfortunately, there can be no question of honor and objectivity. All of this is a simple affair that is very similar to pharmaceuticals.

Nobody is investing in really effective drugs to cure the disease. Pharmaceuticals are only looking for ways to suppress the symptoms. Well, the AMA does not look like a "game", but right now there's just a huge amount of evidence that doping is inherent in any high performance sport, whether it's cycling, athletics, chess, MMA or bodybuilding.

The main causes of injuries in bodybuilding

Bad methods of conducting classes

Lack of discipline and training programs, improperly established training program - these are some of the main reasons for a possible injury. Try to train under the supervision of an experienced coach. If in the room you are attending, the instructor is not able to give exact answers to your questions, so it is best bodybuilding to change training sites. If you have begun to master a new movement, always start with the weight of the projectile, with which you can perform a minimum of 20 repetitions in a set. You must first master the technique perfectly and then only begin to progress weight.

Violations of training techniques

If you neglect the principle of consistency in the progression of loads, it is very likely that you will get damages. According to available statistics, for this reason, the athlete receives 40-70 percent of injuries. You must scrupulously respect the chosen training plan and do not rush from one side to the other. It is very important to consider a large number of different factors, eg age, size of bone structure, level of technical and physical training, etc., when designing the training program.

This group should also include no warm-up. Thanks to her, you prepare the body for the next powerful work, and very often it is the absence of heating that causes damage. This Bodybuildingdoing, you should do a general and special warm-up. In the first case, by performing various floats, slopes, jumps, etc., you prepare the entire body for the next workout. If the warm up was qualitative, then you will have a slight sweat and increase the speed of the blood flow.

A special warm-up is performed before each basic move that is part of your program. Perform one or two sets with a weight of 50 percent of the maximum and the maximum number of repetitions. Athletes are often sure that the warm-up only takes away the time that can be spent on basic training. But the worst was your workout, the biggest risk of injury, which can take a lot more time and money to process.

Violation of security in the room

Approximately 20% of injuries sustained by athletes are due to these reasons. Before you start attending the venue, you must ensure that all sports equipment and equipment are in good technical condition. Start working on the unit, always check the quality of the cables and the reliability of fixing the caps. When doing sit-ups, use special shoes and a weightlifting belt.

Gradually, you start working with significant bodybuilding weights, and in this case, you should think about using bandages. At the same time, it is not necessary to wear bandages or a belt throughout the training because they compress the blood vessels and aggravate the blood flow. It is also necessary to maintain a simple order in the room. It is the pancakes scattered on the earth that very often become the cause of the wounds.

Lack of educational work with athletes

The percentage of injuries received for these reasons is from 8 to 15. Now the conversation is mainly about the lack of discipline. You came here to practice, not to speak. You can communicate in the locker room after the training. The bodybuilding trainer must constantly communicate the label to visitors so that they avoid injuries.

bodybuilding and other sports

Bodybuilding and other sports: how to combine?

Gymnasiums are often visited bybodybuilding and other sports people engaged in other sports at a professional level. Learn to combine bodybuilding and other sports.

Bodybuilding is closely linked to other sports in that there is literally in each one of them a general physical training (OFP). We will give a definition of this concept below, but the main link is that cyclists, athletes, gymnasts, swimmers, skiers, tennis players and many other sportspeople visit the gym to maintain or improve their fitness. Gym - is without excessive modesty, the link is literally between all kinds of sports.


In order to understand how the Bodybuilding has a link with other sports, it is necessary, as always, to deepen the subject and to consider bodybuilding and other sports characteristics common to all types.

To begin, we determine what the sport. Sport, as defined by the Great Olympic Encyclopedia, is a competition for different types of physical exercises and their combinations, as well as a system for organizing and driving them. Well, the organizational and driving issues we omit, and pay attention to the actual physical exercises.

There are situations, the code that a person has to combine classes in the gym with other sports.Most often, they face three main questions:

  1. Is it so necessary for the representatives of other sports to rock their muscles?
  2. How to combine bodybuilding and other sports to improve results?
  3. How to start training for athletes who have completed their career?

We will now examine each of these issues in more detail.

Why should I coach athletes from other sports?

Very often, you can hear the opinion that a large muscle mass can hurt in other sports. Before refuting or confirming this opinion, it is necessary to understand the tasks that the muscles perform.

perform bodybuilding and other sports

The main goal that the muscles pursue is the movement of the skeletal parts. In any sport, some parts of the body must move, even in chess, it is necessary to move the figures by the table. Most sports are related to competition, which athlete is faster, stronger or more. In this case, it is the muscles that are the key.

Now many can have a completely natural question, from which there is so much information about the negative impact of a large mass of muscles on the outcome? The thing is that the muscles are designed to perform bodybuilding and other sports different types of work. This is also the case with training, because you can develop different indicators, not just gain weight.Thus, we should distinguish three main indicators of muscles that can be formed:

  • Muscular strength (power)is the ability of the muscles to perform 1 at 3 high intensity contractions. The force is driven with a small number of repetitions at the maximum working weight of the sports equipment. Between the approaches, it is necessary to take a long break to rest.
  • Endurance of the muscles- the ability of the muscles to perform work for a long period of time without a break. To form this capacity, it is necessary to use a large number of repetitions and average working weights.
  • La muscle capacity is the capacity of the muscles to do long-term power work with small breaks to rest. For training, volumetric work with medium or high work weights is used. The pause for rest is of the order of 30 to 90 seconds.

The main problem with bodybuilding is that during athlete competitions, only the appearance of the muscles is evaluated, not the degree of fitness. This is also the main reason for the lack of bodybuilding in the Olympic Games program.

Since the muscles have several parameters of their physical condition, under certain circumstances, a large muscle mass will not achieve high results. For example, if you need great muscle endurance, a large mass can interfere. This is due to the fact that large muscles mean high performance or bodybuilding and other low performance sports. With the stamina of strength, muscles can maintain a high work rate for a given period of time, and that's not at all what big muscles can give.

There are also other factors, in addition to the intensity and magnitude of the load, which are different when bodybuilding and other sportsthe training of different muscular qualities. Maybe the main thing is speed.

For this reason, bodybuilders are often presented with claims related to the "slow" and "hardened" muscles. With this statement, we can agree, because the generation of great efforts reduces the speed of movement. This is due to the natural adaptation of the body. Professional bodybuilders understand this fact on an instinctive level. To lift a large weight, it is necessary to perform the movements relatively slowly, so that the muscles get bigger.

In simpler terms, the bodybuilder muscles are not slow in that they are bad, but because they are designed to perform bodybuilding and other sports power for a long period of time. They contract slowly, because in bodybuilding speed is not important. Thus, the athlete develops his power work ability.

How to combine bodybuilding and other sports?

Of all the above written, many have already realized that there is a concept of sport specificities.

  1. The essence offirst factor, which should be taken into account when combining, is that the qualities that are formed develop.
  2. The second factoris the narrowness of the specializations needed to achieve high results. In other words, the maximum possible result will be achieved in the load at which the training is performed. Of course, you can develop all muscular indicators in harmony, but often the required result can only be achieved in one direction. Here, and concentrate all your efforts. Let's say, an athlete is engaged in power triathlon and specializes in bench press. Plus, he runs for a moment. It's good for the body's overall development, but it's bodybuilding and other bad sports for maximum results. It is necessary to decide and choose a thing.
  3. The third factoris the degree of removal of the trained capacities of the muscles. To win all sports, a quality is required, and the more it trains (closer), the higher the results can be.
  4. Well, the last one, thefourth factor- the weight category. The muscles have a significant weight and at their large size, the athlete can very well exceed his weight class. It is clear that in this case the chances of a high score are, as a rule, considerably reduced.

Thus, the athletes must determine themselves the priority direction of the training. Get everything and it does not work right away. As a result, you bodybuilding and other sports can not achieve positive results in any sports.

natural bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilding

Now, more and more, we have to think of the phrase " natural bodybuilding ". However, to escapenatural bodybuilding reality is not possible and it is necessary to admit that anabolic steroids are used both professionally and amateurly. Athletes who want to gain muscle mass and burn subcutaneous fat accumulation, it is necessary to combine intense training, good nutrition program, sports supplements and additional cardio load.

At the same time, when using various steroids, for example, testosterone, growth hormone, etc., it can be done much faster "do not die" in the lobby. This is the reason for the popularity of anabolic drugs. Perhaps, no one will dispute the fact that professional athletes use steroids in recent decades. According to available statistics, nearly 99% of athletes at least once in their career, but have used drugs. The remaining athletes are easy to learn - almost always they get places at the end of the rankings.

However, even now many fans have a natural bodybuilding. Athletes who have chosen the path of heavy training are unwilling to use anabolic drugs.

What is natural bodybuilding?

For the first time, this term natural bodybuilding appeared at the very beginning of the 90 years. The main objective pursued by admirers of the new direction was to refuse the use of steroids. For the athletes who chose this path, there was no need to become the winner of "Mr. Olympia" or to have smart muscles. More important for them was their own health and fitness. In order to support the movement, special publications promoting the natural bodybuildingSteroids rejection began to appear.

Now, there are organizations that continue the activity. They continue to encourage athletes to abandon the use of chemicals and focus on healthy lifestyles and natural competition. There have also been scandals when information about steroid use in the past by some "natural" athletes has become public. Before the competition of athletes who have abandoned steroids, now a test of doping of natural bodybuilding routine is going on, and they must also undergo a lie detector.

It must be said that the athletes who took the doping earlier are also allowed to participate in the competition, but the last course of anabolic drugs should have been adopted at least seven years ago.

Among the illicit drugs for bodybuilders are not only popular steroids, such as testosterone or Stanozol but preparations have begun recently - inhibitors of myostatin, gene doping, stem cells, etc. It is allowed to use medical preparations, used in the treatment of asthma, allergies or inflammation. However, they should not have a pronounced anabolic effect. It is also allowed to consume alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. These substances are present in the lives of ordinary people.

What is allowed in natural bodybuilding

Of course, generally without taking any medication will not work. Athletes expose their bodies to heavy loads and they need extra nutrients. Thus, the natural is allowed to use mixtures of proteins, amino acid compounds, glucose, vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as creatine. All of these substances are part of the food, but athletes need to consume them more than ordinary people.

In addition, athletes can use Naturals-certain herbal and adaptogenic medical preparations that can improve power performance, endurance and enable the Commission to Combat Doping in Sport. The base for the bodybuilder, who has chosen the path of natural sport make a better training and a healthy lifestyle. If necessary, they can use approved pharmacological drugs.

Natural bodybuilding has its advantages and disadvantages. Too often, athletes are disappointed, not seeing progress in their training. Anyone who wants to choose the path of a natural sport, must know that they can expect to come.Among the disadvantages are:

  • A lot of patience and effort are needed to complete the defined tasks;
  • To achieve such results, which show athletes using anabolic, will never succeed;
  • Do not expect to participate in professional tournaments and even more to win them;
  • When you can get positive results, many will not believe that steroids have not been accepted for that;
  • It is necessary to constantly struggle with the desire to pass the course of anabolic drugs in order to accelerate the increase in the mass of muscle tissue.

However, in bodybuilding you can find and positive points:

  • Do not have to look for steroids and spend money on them;
  • You do not risk your own health at all, but only improve it;
  • Girls love guys with hardened muscles, and you'll be one of them;
  • You can be proud of the results achieved because they were achieved through hard work in the lobby.

Sports nutrition in bodybuilding

In the preparatory period before the competition, the athletes focus on three main points: food, musculation and cardio training. Some athletes use approved food additives to improve their performance. Among the banned drugs is a fairly large number of different substances and today the conversation will only be on the permit. In addition, this article will not discuss the use of protein mixtures, as these rules are similar to the rules for the consumption of proteins that are contained in conventional products. So what can you use for athletes who have chosen natural bodybuilding.


La Creatine is considered the most powerful of all licensed supplements. When using creatine an adult who has no health problems, no adverse effects on the kidneys and liver should not be expected. A large number of studies have been conducted that have proven the high efficiency of creatine monohydrate to enhance muscle tissue growth and increase strength. In natural bodybuildingaverage, with a daily dose of 20 grams, taken during 4 at 28 days, you can gain about 2 kilograms of weight.

In this respect, it should be noted that the drug loading phase in this case is not of paramount importance. Using this dose, approximately 20% increases the level of creatine in the muscles. Then, it can be maintained by applying 3 grams of creatine per day.

Now you can find for sale other forms of creatine, for example, ethyl acetate and the buffers of the substance. Producers are trying to present them as a more effective replacement for conventional creatine monohydrate, which, in general, is not surprising. However, at present, there is no scientific evidence for these claims. But nevertheless, of all additives, creatine is the most popular among all athletes, not only professing natural bodybuilding.


This supplement is becoming more and more popular among athletes every day. Almost immediately after entering the blood, beta-alanine is absorbed into the muscle tissue and actively participates in the synthesis of carnosine, a dipeptide, required for anaerobic charges. If beta-alanine is used at 6,4 grams per day for four weeks, the corneal level is increased by 64%. In addition, the drug when used for one to two months significantly improves the endurance rate and isnatural bodybuilding able to add up to 1 kilogram of muscle mass.

Efficacy is significantly improved with simultaneous delivery of beta-alanine and creatine. At present, it is unclear exactly what will bring to the body the long-term use of beta-alanine. So far, it has been established that when an overdose of the drug occurs, the onset of paresthesia symptoms, which disappear quickly after the lowering of the dose.

Citrullina Malate

This supplement is also becoming more popular with bodybuilders. But so far, it is too early to talk about its effectiveness with confidence.Citrulline Malate should act in three ways:

  • It is an indispensable component for the synthesis of urea;
  • It inhibits the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles;
  • He is able to turn into arginine.

It was found that when taking the drug for two weeks, ATP production increased by 35%. Also during studies, the property of the drug has been found to speed up the process of tissue repair.

peptides and bodybuilding

Peptides and anabolic steroids: communication and comparison

Do I need to use "chemistry" to increase strengthpeptides and bodybuilding muscle and build muscle? After all, with the help of long training, you can get good results. So, it's time to read the article and draw some useful conclusions.

In order to get fast results in muscle growth and strength, many bodybuilders use "chemistry". If the use of steroids athletes can increase the size of muscle cells, so that their number was different, using peptides - they are able to change the genetics of that expressed in the quantitative and qualitative changes. Steroids are not able to change cells at the genetic level. Another result obtained in the peptides does not disappear after withdrawal of the drug, unlike conventional steroid courses.

Comparison of peptides and anabolic agents

Such drugs can regulate digestive processes. In addition, with their help, you can increase or decrease your appetite. Others have an analgesic effect. There are also those who regulate higher nervous activity. As for sports, here peptide preparations are used - analogues of various hormones.

Consider, that similar peptides and that differ from anabolic steroids:

  1. Strength growth. The winners are anabolic.
  2. The increase in body weight. It all depends on the degree of training of the athletes.
  3. peptide comparisonRestoration process after classes. Steroids in the shortest time are able to restore the body's reserves, while the athlete can train at least daily. This property can not boast of all the peptides. Despite accelerating the recovery process, exceptional results can not always be achieved.
  4. Side effects. According to the frequency of the appearance of negative manifestations in the context of taking drugs in the first place AAS. If it's wrong to take anabolic steroids, it can hurt the athlete. As for the peptides, they do not harm the body even if they are used inefficiently.
  5. The cost of the cycle. It all depends on the duration and complexity of the course.

Peptides are suitable for those who are in no hurry to get fast results, do not want to overload the body with "chemistry" in the face of anabolic steroids, which can damage peptides and bodybuilding and cause many side effects. So, it is better to be slower, but more confident and safer.

Advantages and disadvantages of peptides

The benefits of peptides in sports are manifested by:

  • They are quite affordable.
  • Due to the fact that they have different mechanisms of influence on the body and that there are differences in half-lives, it becomes possible to work with concentrations.
  • The effect on the feeling of hunger and the metabolism are different.
  • The doping is not detected by the control - it decomposes without leaving a trace.
  • To verify the authenticity, it is enough to give blood to the contents of somatotropin.

Disadvantages and possible side effects when using peptides:

  1. The headaches are pretty impressive.
  2. There is a period of weakness.
  3. Blood pressure increases.
  4. Attention is reduced.
  5. In lieu of injections, bloating and itching may occur.
  6. After administration of the drug, hematomas are possible.

Peptides and bodybuilding

If the usual hormonal-steroid drugs have long been banned, there is no law that would not allow the production and distribution of peptides. As a result, athletes are increasingly stopping their choice while taking peptides.

The use of peptides for athletes is as follows:

  • Increases the production of natural anabolic hormones - this refers to growth hormone and testosterone.
  • Regeneration processes become faster.
  • Thus, it is possible to influence the mechanisms of cell division at the cellular level.
  • There is a one-time impact on problem areas. Thus, unlike ordinary hormones that act on the whole body, peptides can affect individual organs and cells. As a result, the effectiveness of the drugs is greatly increased, and the side effect is reduced as much as possible.

It's a pretty complex sport, involving long grueling workouts to get the most out of it. There is a place for apeptides and bodybuilding rigid diet of the day and strict diets. And that's why many athletes are trying to achieve the use of "chemistry" faster and easier.

In order to achieve results quickly and sustain them, use a variety of ways to stimulate the peptidesmuscle development, fat burning and other results. Yes, now these drugs are safer, which can not be said about the drugs used decades ago.

In today's world, it is common among bodybuilding peptides, which, like steroids, have their positive and negative sides. Let's start with the obvious benefits of course The use of these drugs: appetite control - increase or decrease, improves sleep, strengthens the immune system, normal emotional state increased libido.

If you decide that peptides are magic pills in bodybuilding, it is in fact not the case. There are many imitations, as well as drugs that are completely useless. In addition, the effect of peptides strictly individually. Perhaps it is that you will have no sense to take these medications.

The main problem is that most drugs that have an effective effect give the same negative side effects as anabolic steroids.

Types of peptides in bodybuilding

These drugs act in a narrow and directional way. They are able to affect the body in separate organs and systems. In bodybuilding apply 2 types of peptides:

  1. functionality. The action takes place instantly. These peptides are in turn divided into 2 species more - for muscle growth and for weight loss. In the first case, the action is based on stimulating the production of growth hormones. In addition, the drug has a positive effect on the strengthening of ligaments and peptides and bodybuilding immune system. If we consider the action of the preparations for fine growth, the peptides in this case promote strengthening of secretion of growth hormones. The metabolism is accelerated, the fat is burned, the appetite is reduced.
  2. structural. They have a direct effect only after amino acid cleavage - their individual chains. The synthesis of the protein begins: it is used as a building material to form new fibers of muscle tissue. In addition, such peptides help create conditions for anabolism and provide the body with nutrients.

In any case, you use steroids or peptides, it is very important to start a course without having to see a doctor. He will prescribe correct peptides and bodybuilding dosages. Yes, and treated with these drugs should be supervised by specialists. Otherwise, there is a clear threat to your health.

The most popular peptides: the happiness hormone is endorphin, leptin is an important peptide for weight loss. There are, of course, others, but these are the most popular.

How to take peptides in sports

For administration in the body is necessary to prepare a syringe of insulin and bactericidal water. Regarding the dosage, you should consult your doctor - only he can individually choose the right way and dosage.
peptides and bodybuilding

Possible complications of long-term use of anabolic steroids or overdose: increased libido, delay in sperm formation, liver damage due to accumulation of toxic products, headache, irritability, nausea , itching, heartburn, swelling. Athletespeptides and bodybuilding may experience muscle hardness.

Such phenomena may be due to incorrect dosage ratio and use of terms, which means it's time to talk with your doctor and trainer. Can not independently make a decision, otherwise you just hurt your health.

salt and bodybuilding

Salt and bodybuilding

The article dispelled the myths about the advantages and disadvantages of saltsalt and bodybuilding in sports and everyday life. More details about this you will find after reading this interesting and informative article.

For those who have devoted themselves to power sports, especially bodybuilding, to the construction of an emergency body, salt, or, as it is also called, sodium chloride, will become an excellent assistant. Despite the fact that it is considered a white poison when used in excessive amounts, it is salt in the bodybuilding that helps create a beautiful muscular shape in relief for bodybuilders. No matter if you are a beginner in the sport or professional, it is worth getting acquainted with this active assistant, whose role in the sport is quite impressive.

What is salt?

Before you are an electrolyte, whose charge is very low. Thanks to the salt, it is possible to preserve the food longer, because an environment unfavorable to the reproduction of microorganisms is created. Salt helps to get the water out of the cells while they are dehydrated. In the body with his help is under strict control the water-salt balance. It is a wonderful salt regulator and bodybuilding not only for blood volume but also for pressure.

salt and bodybuilding

Types of salt and their properties

  • CookedIt is pure natural crystalline sodium chloride, which consists of a smaller part of sodium and most of the chlorine. During production, all useful compounds are destroyed.
  • Iodine.A certain amount of iodine-containing salts is added to such a salt. It is iodide or potassium iodate.
  • The seaIn this one, in addition to sodium chloride, there is a whole complex of biologically active micro- and macronutrients. Their ratio is optimal. Get this salt by evaporating the sea water in the sun. All the utility does not disappear. This salt improves the division of the epidermal cells, and with it, you can accelerate the generation of skin teguments.

Effect of salt on the body

  • Thanks to salt, nutrients are better absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The reinforcements
  • Salt in bodybuilding maintains a normal level of libido.
  • The acid-base balance is guaranteed.
  • The connections of nerves and muscles are regulated, they contract.
  • It is an unbeatable help to regulate the hydrolysis of ATP in skeletal muscles.
  • Salt in bodybuilding reduces the risk of muscle cramps that occur in the context of dehydration.
  • Salt contributes to the fact that glucose is easily absorbed by the cells.
  • Salt in bodybuilding displays toxins of fatigue.
  • A wonderful sleeping pill that strengthens sleep.

There are many sodium-dependent functions in the body. For them to proceed in normal mode, the presence of this mineral is necessary. With an insufficient sodium content, it will be impossible to obtain a salt mass construction and effective bodybuilding. Therefore, salt in bodybuilding is an indispensable element.

Sodium is a positively charged ion in the extracellular fluid. As for potassium, it is also an ion, with a plus sign. It is located in the intracellular fluid. With its help, it is possible to regulate intramuscular fluid levels. The same applies to neuromuscular functions and the activity of ATP hydrolysis. These minerals are similar in their salt in bodybuildingactions. The difference lies in the regulation of the extracellular fluid.

Sodium - a potassium mate, without the first second can not enter the cage. Salt affects the retention of subcutaneous water. Potassium also affects the fluids that are in the muscle cells. These two minerals are constantly trying to balance each other.

If you reduce salt intake, the body compensates for the condition, retaining a lot of sodium and releasing potassium. This reduces the fluid level in the muscle cell. After the sodium increases, the body compensates for the condition, taking a lot of potassium. This increases the release of sodium.

In the context of the balance between sodium and potassium, it becomes possible to have an impressive effect on muscle strength. The same goes for the processes of anabolism. In muscle cells, there is a marked increase in the cellular fluid. As a result, the muscle tissue reacts to this process.

The effect of salt on the muscles is quite impressive. So, sodium makes them bigger. This is to increase the volume of fluid in the muscle cells.

With regard to the liquid outside the cells, there is a noticeable effect on muscular strength, as well as on the ability to withstand impressive loads. The muscular tension decreases, the maximum protection against the trauma of the soft tissue and soft musculation is ensured. The same goes for the connection.

Determination of salt in bodybuilding

In order for the salt to enter the body properly, it must be dissolved by the moisture of the vegetables and fruits. The non-ionized form, penetrating into the body, can not be absorbed properly, after which you will be thirsty. Add a little salt to the water (literally a little water is needed), then pour a liquid of candies before eating.

Add a little salt to the water you are about to drink and the alkaline properties are salt and sportsgenerated. The body will have enough minerals. The same applies to trace elements.

If you talk about dosing, then for a day, the salt in bodybuilding is used from four to five grams. The maximum dose for an adult is a teaspoon. For beautiful women because of reduced metabolism and a lower level of salt transpiration is needed in a lower dosage: 2-3 grams will be quite sufficient.

In the context of everyday products, there is also salt, and the amount of salt can be different here. You should remember, not to overdo it with sodium.

Salt and sports

Salt in bodybuilding for experienced athletes, as well as those whose training is far from amateur, the need for salt is different. It is necessary to comply with the general rule, which states: two grams of sodium per liter of water replacement.

Professional athletes want to look as impressive as possible when posing on stage. In order to win and take first place in the competition, they try to do everything possible to appear as bold and dry as possible. To do this, perform various manipulations, including salt and water. The same goes for carbohydrates.

FST 7 in bodybuilding

7 FST Training Program in Bodybuilding

Learn how to train better for a set ofFST 7 in bodybuilding quality muscle mass and increase strength.

In this article we will talk about FST 7 training program in bodybuilding. The name of the system can be translated as a workout to stretch the fascia. A training program for experienced athletes is planned. Let's see how effective this method can be.

What is Fascia and FST 7?

You must first talk about what the fascia is, because the 7 fst training program in bodybuilding is aimed at stretching it. The fibers of the muscular tissues of our body are packaged in a sort of "case", called fascia.

The main components of this "cover" are collagen and elastin. As a result, the fascia has a high resistance, but it is elastic and can be stretched. Why the fascia possesses precisely these properties is quite understandable. If we assume that it would not be elastic, then the muscles could not increase in size when filling with blood. This is uneconomic for the body, since work capacity is greatly reduced.

You probably know that working muscles need a lot of nutrients that are FST exercises 7carried in the body by blood. The higher the intensity of the drive, the more powerful the pumping effect. This leads to an increase in muscle size and extension of the fascia.

However, after completing the work, the blood flows out of the muscles because they no longer need nutrients. Simultaneously with the decrease of the size of the muscles, the fascia contracts, evicting the excess of blood. Our body is very economical and does not waste energy. Probably, you already understood what the fst 7 training program in bodybuilding continues.

Fascia makes muscle growth difficult after training and if you stretch it, you can gain weight faster. As an example, you can bring shoes, which turned out slightly out of proportion to you. First you will experience discomfort, but gradually the shoes will stretch, and discomfort will disappear. It is on this principle that the training technique we are considering is based on the ability to reduce the external mechanical effect on muscle fibers, which will allow them to increase their size more quickly.

FST 7 - training program: basic principles

The program 7 FST training in bodybuilding is popularly popularized by Hean Rembod, who is confident that the properties of fascia in different people differ. In his opinion, genetically talented builders have a more elastic fascia and this is one of the reasons for their rapid progress. However, we can not agree here because the human body is adaptive and in this case external factors, namely training, will be decisive.

Now, we can distinguish the basic principle of the entire 7 fst training program in bodybuilding - the fascia extends more strongly with the frequent and powerful blood flow into muscle tissue. The essence of this training methodology is to create a powerful pumping effect that makes the fascia more elastic.

And the system is used at the final stage of the session and for a specific muscle. To make the fascia more elastic, you must perform seven sets with a minimum of rest between them. As you can see, the number "seven" was not just included in the name of the system.

So, you must first fully implement the planned workout program, for example, for the development of the chest muscles. After that, use any additional movement in seven sets with a half-minute break between them. The number of repetitions in each approach should be from 8 to 12.

It is very important to do the power work first, because without it the muscles will not have the stimulus to grow, and the pumping does not have a 7 FST in such bodybuilding properties. You must remember that in all cases, strength training should be given priority, since the muscles are also able to stretch the fascia under load.

Repeat all the stages of the training:

  1. Power work is done - use heavy weights with the number of repetitions from 6 to 10.
  2. It creates a powerful pumping effect - seven sets of 8-12 repetitions in each with a minimum of rest between approaches.

If we are talking about a specific training program, then when it comes to training the chest muscles, it may look like this:

  • Tap the bar on a tilt bench - 4 series from 6 to 8 reps.
  • Bench on a horizontal bench - 4 series of 6 to 8 repetitions.
  • Dumbbells press at an angle - 4 series of 6-10 reps.
  • Crossover - 7 sets of 8-10 repeats with a pause of 30 seconds between repetitions.

The first three movements are designed to perform power work when working in the familiar style. The last exercise in turn is designed to create a pumping effect and stretch the fascia as much as possible.

Which FST 7 exercises are suitable for the fascia?

If you need to use basic movements for weight gain and increased power settings, choose the lungs to create a strong pumping effect. To agree that the same sit-ups, it will be difficult to create an isolated pumping of blood in the quadriceps, because a large number of muscles participate in the work.

But with the help of isolated movements, it is necessary to reach the necessary result quite easily.

FST 7 in bodybuilding

You can advise using simulators because they allow you to focus all your attention on a particular muscle, and in this situation, the pumping will be maximum. It is also easier to adjust the work weights on the simulator, which positively affects pumping.

Here is a list of exercises that are ideal for our goals:

  • The legs are sisi-squats, extension or flexion of the legs.
  • Back - pullover, horizontal block pull and lever rods.
  • Chest - reducing hands in the simulator in front of him and crossing.
  • Shoulder belt - oscillates on the sides, it is possible to perform fall games.
  • Biceps - concentric flexion of the arms and traction of the upper block for the biceps.
  • Triceps - French press because of the head and extension to the vertical block.

These movements can be considered ideal for achieving a powerful pumping effect and, at the same time, they allow the fabric to be stretched correctly. Note that muscle stretching in the original 7 fst Bodybuilding Training Program is not taken into account. At the same time, we are sure that this is an important point to pay attention to.

This is because the fascia can be stretched using two methods:

  • Internal pumping by pumping a large amount of blood into the tissue.
  • External - physical stretching.

When a conventional training system is considered, most often the conversation is only about the first method. This fact can be explained by the fact that, because of the looting, the fascia stretches more strongly with respect to the physical effect. However, with the combination of the two methods, the results will be higher.

Here, it is necessary to say that it is necessary to perform stretching exercises between all approaches, including power work. During rest, you do not need to just walk down the hall and recover, but rather to stretch your muscles. After understanding the basics of the system, you need to talk about the right load choice.

How to select the load to stretch the fascia?

You must be aware that the load is selected according to the objectives. In this case, we must perform the maximum blood injection into the target muscles. In this case, it is necessary to observe the main condition - to perform seven sets of 8-12 repetitions in each. It is clear that a moderate work weight must be used. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the required number of approaches and repetitions with a minimum pause.

Giving in such a situation specific advice is difficult enough and you'd better FST 7 in bodybuildingto conduct an experiment. However, based on our own experience, we can say that, compared to forced labor, we must reduce weights by about one-third. It is also necessary to warn that it is possible that already during the execution of one of the seven games, the weight will have to be reduced, since the energy can finish. Do not worry, because the situation is natural.

If necessary, you can change and rest the time between sets in any direction. However, this should be done only if it increases the pumping effect. For example, when working on the hands, you probably need less time to recover compared to the chest.

It is not difficult to understand that an extra load can significantly reduce the body's recovery capacity. Be careful using the fst 7 training program in bodybuilding to work on large muscle groups. During training, the body consumes a lot of energy.

Again, we have to say that there are no universal recommendations on this, because we all have different genetic data and the level of readiness. Often, it is not worth using the pumping effect at the same time as a serious power job. However, no one interferes with the use of this system throughout the week, when the body is not affected by a heavy load.

In this respect, it is necessary to recall microperiodization. If you are not using it yet in your workout, it is strongly recommended to start doing it. This principle is used by all pro-builders, why fans would not take it into use.

Ryan Reynolds training in bodybuilding

Learn the model of formation Ryan Reynolds. It reveals the secret method of training for a set of muscle mass.

All actors are constantly supporting themselves in good physical shape and this is known to all. But often, it is necessary to prepare more for filming, gaining body fat and muscle burning. So say that Ryan to participate in the film "Blade 3" had to gain a dozen pounds of muscle mass, and the percentage of subcutaneous fat to reduce from 11 to 3.

However, these results do not deserve respect, and the length of time it took Ryan for this - five months! Of course, this does not go unnoticed by the public, and many wanted to know how he did it. Reynolds did not make it a secret and told reporters about his nutrition and training programs. Let's see how the meetingRyan Reynolds training in bodybuilding, and become familiar with its supply program in this period.

Ryan Reynolds Food

According to the actor, when recruiting the masses, he ate every two or three hours, so as not to be hungry. In addition, he drank a lot of water and his food portions were small. It must also be said that Ryan did not limit carbohydrate consumption in order to maintain the body's high energy potential. It is sure that a mass set without enough carbs is simply impossible.

Here's how his menu looked during the mass collection period:

  • Breakfast - oatmeal with apple sauce, fried eggs (2 protein and 0,5 yellow), a slice of avocado with a spoon of almond oil.
  • Morning snack - a protein bar.
  • Lunch - tuna or chicken salad.
  • Afternoon snack - an apple with almonds, a protein bar or a protein cocktail.
  • Dinner - brown rice, fish or chicken, vegetables.
  • Afternoon tea is a protein cocktail.

Ryan Reynolds Formation

The actor practiced six times during the week, and each session lasted two or three hours. The training started with warming up and twisting, and after work started with weights. During recruiting Reynolds eliminated from the training program all sorts of cardio charges. Each lesson was devoted to working on a muscle group: the diagonal belt, the chest, the press, the arms, the back and the legs. In each movement, 8 to 12 repetitions were performed.

The most interesting thing for most Reynolds fans is the method of training the press. The most complex is considered ryan reynolds training as the development of the lower abdominal muscles, which is commonly called the "Adonis belt". Now we will tell you how Reynolds has managed to achieve such amazing results.

  • Superior press.The most popular movement for the development of this part of the body is torsion. Very often, the higher dice in the athletes are the best developed, because the twists are very frequent. Very effective too, it twists with the load formation ryan reynoldsand also twists while standing on the block. It is very important to perform all these movements with extra weights in order to get the maximum results.
  • Press lower.This part of the muscles of the abdomen is considered complex for development. The last two cubes always appear on the body. To work effectively on the lower abdomen, it is very important to learn to feel the contraction of these muscles. The best movements are twisting with the ball, a bridge of one hand, lifting the hips while lying down and twisting with the legs fixed. It is very important to perform each repetition in these exercises slowly.
  • Side press.It is the lateral and lower muscles of the abdomen that form the "Adonis belt". Achieving positive results, working on it is very difficult. For beginners, the best exercise for the side press muscles is lateral twist and rotation with the ball. It is only after their mastery that you can go to more complex movements.
  • The internal muscles of the abdomen.That the stomach was flat, it is necessary to develop and internal muscles. It will also be very useful for strengthening the size, which, when running many, the movement is under severe stress. The best and, in fact, the only movement for their development is reverse hyperextension.

To train each of these muscle groups the press should be in a separate lesson. Do it for two movements of three or four sets in each. The number of repetitions per series is from 12 to 17. If you want to get maximum results from training ryan reynolds work from the press, it is necessary to train before the main training until you have a sufficient amount of energy.

The exercises used by Reynolds for the press

And now, let's talk about the technique of performing all the exercises that have allowed Ryan to get great results.

  • Twist on the block while standing.Stand exactly in front of the block, holding the handles over your head. Working only with the press muscles, start rounding the back, as if you are trying to touch the chin of the chest. In the lower position of the trajectory, hold a five-second pause and return to the initial position.
  • Writhing with the burden.Lie on your back and bend your knees. Extra burdens placed on the chest. Tighten the muscles of the abdomen should pull the shoulders off the ground, fixing this position for 5 seconds.
  • Raise hips in a supine position.Lie on your back and lift your legs, straightening your knee joints. As a result, a right angle should form between the trunk and the legs. Inhale, lift the buttocks training ryan reynolds and draw in the belly. It is necessary to stretch as high as possible.
  • Twisting with the ball.Lie on your back, hands behind your head, and knee joints bend, holding the ball. Start moving the ball in different directions, without touching the feet of the ground.
  • ryan reynoldsLateral torsion.Place on the right side, leaning on the forearm of the right hand. In this case, the legs should be straight. Lift the knee joints and ankles off the floor, without lifting the pelvis. Go on the other side.
  • Turn with the ball.Sit on your lap so that your ankles are pressed to the bottom. The ball should be behind your back. Turn the ball and, taking it in your hands, turn in the opposite direction. Lower the ball to the ground and return to the starting position.
  • The bridge is on the one hand.Take the lie accent, the hands are located at the shoulder joints, and the legs - at the width of the hips. Lift your left foot and your right arm. In the upper position of the trajectory, hold a five-second pause and return to the initial position.
  • Twisting with fixed legs.Bend the legs in the joints of the knee and hips, fixing the toes of the feet. Palms must be placed in front of you. Start slowly to deviate backwards. It is very important that the back always stays straight and that the legs do not come out of the ground.
  • Hyperextension inverse. Leaning, you must stretch your arms forward. Start slowly to climb until all body training ryan reynolds is extended in a straight line. There is also another variation of this movement. You must rotate the housing alternately up and down.
to dry in bodybuilding

How to dry yourself in bodybuilding?

Secret drying technology of the pros of iron sport. Thanks toto dry in bodybuilding this method, you will burn the hypodermic fat and keep the muscle mass.

The dietary programs used by bodybuilders in preparation for contests most often put the nutritionists in horror. This is understandable, because during preparation for the competition athletes do not think about the balance of the diet. In front of them, there is a task to be accomplished: become lean and thoughts about health go in the background.

Many people want to lose weight and seem fit. In musculation, the goals are somewhat different - the most complete elimination of subcutaneous fatty deposits. However, in this case, it is necessary to keep all the acquired muscle mass. Only if these rules are observed can one expect high results.

How much fat should stay after drying?

Often, pro-athletes express completely inaccessible figures. Most often mentioned are three percent, and sometimes even it comes to zero percent. In the human body, there is a certain reserve of minimum fat, which lies in the region of the kidneys and nerve endings. It is he who represents three percent.

Surely you know that in addition to the subcutaneous fat, there is also a visceral fat that is located inside the body. The body will not spend its untapped amount of fat but with the cardio in bodybuildingnecessary conditions, the subcutaneous and visceral can be easily dry in the bodybuilding consumed. It is after the removal of visceral and subcutaneous fat that a person becomes burned.

Scientists have studied the subject of a minimal fat stock in the body of a healthy man and have concluded that without losing muscle mass, you can achieve a six percent fat content. If weight loss continues, then the muscle tissue destruction mechanism is triggered to generate energy.

The pro-athletes after a qualitatively driven drying cycle, as a rule, have in their body 4 at 7% fat. The biggest success here was achieved by Andreas Münzer, who had only 5 percent of the fats at the competitions. But bodybuilders reach this form only before participating in tournaments, and most importantly. In his conversations with the media, Muintzer said he was trying not to allow a large increase in body fat during the off season. This is where his success lies.

The female body has large reserves of untouchable fat, which is 12 percent. It is mainly located in the chest and thighs. A greater inviolable reserve compared to men is necessary for women to bear a child. In addition, sex hormones are also synthesized from fat, and if the stock becomes less than 11 percent, the menstrual cycle will stop. During participation in tournaments, bodybuilders reduce fat reserves to an average of 7-9 percent.

How to become lean after drying?

To get rid of fat, you must first reduce the caloric intake. It's the law of physics and nobody can get around it. With a combination of low calorie nutrition and exercise programs, you can slightly increase calorie intake and at the same time lose fat stores. In addition, it must be said that when using low-carb nutrition programs in the absence of physical effort, to dry in bodybuilding a person loses not only the fat, but also the muscles.

It is clear that for athletes this option is not appropriate. There is also another disadvantage of this type of diet in the absence of physical activity - a decrease in the rate of resting metabolism. You must be aware that resting muscles require a lot of energy to maintain them. If a person loses some muscle gain, the metabolism will slow down. Let's look at all aspects of proper drying.

Charge cardio

No athlete will start to dry and stop training. We know that for power training, glycogen is used as a source of energy, and that oxygen is needed to oxidize fat. So, we must use dry in bodybuilding cardio loads and the main problem here is their duration.

Depending on the search results, a minimum of four cardio workouts per half hour each is required during the week. However, studies should not be of high intensity, so they do not become anaerobic.

Today, the problem of training cardio in bodybuilding is often discussed. Many athletes are confident that this will lead to a loss of muscle mass. If your aerobic exercise lasts a long time, it is quite possible because the secretion of cortisol will accelerate.To avoid this, pro athletes use one of the following three methods:

  • Exclude cardio loads.
  • Use two aerobic sessions during 30 or 45 minutes each.
  • During a half-hour cardio, alternating high and low intensity workout.

Power during drying

As we have already said, many athletes are convinced that cardiovascular training will destroy the muscles. To avoid this, you must eat properly. First, it refers to the application of BCAA. About 60 minutes before the session, you must take three grams of supplements. Also, it is possible to dry in the bodybuilding of sports adviser to dry in bodybuildingbeginners this dosage to divide into three receptions.

The use of glutamine is just as important to you. Scientists have found that during muscle work, the concentration of this substance is reduced by a quarter. Thanks to the use of supplements containing glutamine, you can not only increase the concentration of amine, but also give the body an effective source of energy.

Do not take carbs before cardio training. In response to the intake of this nutrient, the body throws insulin, resulting in a slowing down of fat burning processes. In addition, during morning exercises on an empty stomach, due to a shortage of carbohydrates, the body will have to start using fats as fuel.

Another common misconception of bodybuilders during drying is a net or excessive reduction in the energy value of their diet. This is mainly due to the late start of the preparation of the competition. To maintain muscle mass, you must start preparing for the tournament no later than three months before leaving.

During the week, you must lose half a kilogram of body weight and no more. The optimal option to achieve their goals is to reduce the energy-dry value in the 500-1000 nutrition program weight-training compared to the usual diet. At the same time, try to eat about 500 calories and eat at least four times a day.

It is also necessary to drink a large amount of water, which speeds up the process of excretion of metabolites from the body's fat metabolism. In addition, when it consumes a large amount of water, it is rapidly excreted by the body and, in fact, is the most effective natural diuretic. Well, remember that in the water, a lot of toxins are dissolved, which form in the body when using a low-calorie nutrition program.


Running as a natural steroid in bodybuilding

Discover why in the muscle mass phase, run you just need to include in your training program? We reveal the secrets of anabolism.

If you consider the concept of "steroids" scale, then it can be any way that can enhance the anabolic bottom in the body. For these can be considered various synthetic or herbal medicinal preparations, sportspit, etc. But the physiological stimulants of anabolism are of particular interest because they have no side effects.

For sure on some of you, here is their list:

  • Effects on the body of high and low temperatures.
  • Run
  • Fast in the short term, the duration of which does not exceed one day.
  • Hypoxic respiratory training.
  • Effects strictly dosed.

Perhaps, just running out of all these receptions causes the most controversial opinions among runles bodybuilders. Someone is sure that the race only destroys muscle mass, but there are many supporters of using cross-country sessions in training programs. However, even race fans can not find common ground in terms of intensity in terms of maximum efficiency for the bodybuilder.

If you look at the history of sport, it is also impossible to find an unequivocal answer. There are many well-known siloviki athletes who rank as race fans, and his opponents.

It is believed that with well-organized training and nutrition, a bodybuilder can collect on average about three and a half pounds of weight. However, there is evidence that even without the use of sports nutrition, athletes have managed to gain about 20 pounds for 12 months. However, for reasons of justice, we note that all these athletes have been training to run after a long break.

However, there is another fact that unites them all - the sooner they were engaged in athletics. Now consider running as a natural steroid in bodybuilding.

Influence of the race on the physiology and biochemistry of the body


You must be aware that energy is often the main limiting factor in the growth of muscle mass. It is also known that energy is produced by mitochondria. These organelles hardly participate in the synthesis of proteins, but they produce energy very actively.


Muscle fibers will not start to grow until hypertrophy of the mitochondria is reached. It is the increase in the size and quantity of these organelles that is the first result of strength training. This contributes to an increase in the body's energy capabilities and only then the growth of muscle tissue cells is activated.Thus, the impact on bodybuilding can be divided into several stages:

  • Training leads to the depletion of energy.
  • Energy deficiency forces the body to synthesize neurotransmitters, which in turn trigger the process of protein synthesis.
  • The increase in the rate of protein production causes the growth of mitochondria and increases their number.
  • After increasing the energy potential of the body, muscle fiber growth mechanisms are triggered.

It is the hypertrophy of the mitochondria which becomes the precursor of the muscular growth. It is important to note here that this is the best way to accelerate mitochondrial hypertrophy. If you look at the skinny bodies of runners, you can understand that their bodies are capable of making the most efficient use of all available energy vectors, including fats. At the same time, their muscles contain a large number of mitochondria.

If we now imagine that the runner starts to engage in bodybuilding, then it becomes clear that he has the most powerful energy potential for muscle growth. It no longer needs hypertrophy of the mitochondria, since these organelles are already present in sufficient quantity in the tissues.

Endocrine system

Under the influence of musculation, the body begins to actively produce catabolic hormones. As a result, all fats are separated into glycerol and fatty acids, protein compounds into amines and glycogen into glucose. This is done so that the body does not suffer from energy deficiency.

Also product and anabolic hormones that prevent the strong division of protein compounds. However, glycogen and fats continue to be split, and glycerin with fatty acids begins to participate in the energy exchange.

After training, the situation changes and catabolic production decreases, and the concentration of anabolic hormones remains high. If at this time the concentration of somatotropin natural steroid in bodybuildingis high, so insulin accelerates the synthesis of protein compounds. Otherwise, the formation of adipose tissue is accelerated.

The maximum changes in the hormonal background are observed during the race session because a serious energy deficit is created. Also note that under the influence of physical activity, powerful changes in the work of the hormonal system are observed only at the beginning of the session. Then, the body does not increase the amount of hormones, but increases the release of intracellular hormonal mediators.

Under the influence of any physical activity, the adrenal glands are progressively hypertrophied, leading to a more powerful synthesis of catabolic hormones. But for the runners, this body is not hypertrophied to the same degree as the siloviki. The elimination of the energy deficit of their body is due to an increase in the sensitivity of cellular structures to adrenaline and glucocorticoid hormones. For this reason, the catabolic bottom of the runners is not so high and in the post-load period the anabolic bottom rises faster.

The nervous system

Nerve signals propagate very rapidly only through nervous processes. Their transmission between cells can be quite long, because for that, special substances are used - neurotransmitters, and even more specifically catecholamines. With any physical activity, the nerve cells responsible for catecholamine synthesis are activated. But in this respect, the race exceeds any other type of charge.

With regular jogging, the nervous system is hypertrophy, and the transfer of information between cells is much faster. Thus, on the basis of all the above, we can affirm the fact, and then running does not promote the recruitment run or the destruction of muscle mass. It only creates the prerequisites for increasing the effectiveness of strength training. Today, more and more athletes-siloviki are starting to use the race in their training programs.