Bodybuilding as a dangerous sport


Find out what traumas are harassedBodybuilding by professional bodybuilders at the end of a sporting career and how to avoid serious injuries.

Let's start with the fact that thebodybuilding is officially recognized as a sport, because of any highly qualified sportsman or sportswoman can get the title of "master of bodybuilding sports", etc. But at the same time, it can not serve as the main proof of the consistency of themusculationas a sport, because in recent years, the reality of our world vary greatly, and soon even the competition on computer games will acquire the status of cyber sport zones. By the way, in South Korea, they do their best to get such recognition of cyber sport. It is therefore necessary to give the concept of "bodybuilding" complete terminology, so that readers are not doubts about the validity of this sport.

What is bodybuilding?

Conditionally, we can say that bodybuilding is a set of processes whose common goal is to build muscle mass. In this case, the athlete should have a relatively low percentage of fat in the body and not forget the overall proportions, ie. Here, muscle imbalances are not welcome, for example, developed biceps and a narrow, untrained forearm.

There are three most important factors that contribute to the success of bodybuilding:

• balanced diet in calories;

• Regular training with weights;

• Good rest and sleep that help restore.

Often, it suffices to observe the three postulates mentioned above in order to obtain notable progress for foreigners. Of course, all this is just a generalized theory - the tip of the iceberg. In practice, each of these issues requires a detailed study, but people in most cases do not suspect the presence of such factors that complicate the coveted growth of the musculature. More and more, the opinion of people who are not bodybuilding directly familiar with bodybuilding is reduced to banal condemnation and insult to the athletes. All the blame for having a lot of stereotypes and myths.


Many believe that bodybuilding is not a contact sport, and therefore injuries are rare. But this is a misconception because there is contact and struggle. Only, instead of a rival man, you must fight with iron, which will not forgive mistakes.

You must try to minimize the risk of damage. Although you can not protect yourself against them. Even the smallest injury can slow progress considerably. If you participate in the competition, then because of the damage, all your plans can be frustrated. To get the injury can not only beginners, but also experienced builders. Today, we will help you consider bodybuilding as a dangerous sport.

Bodybuilding and criticism

Despite its massive popularity, bodybuilding boasts an impressive number of enemies and critics. One of the main factors, because of which bodybuilding is doomed by the majority, is the use of pharmacological drugs - ASA (steroids). Alas, but only in bodybuilding, this process is visible to the naked eye. People do not want to recognize or understand that doping is used in any professional sport, and that's perfectly normal.

Competitive world class tournaments are a fight for high achievements, and without a professional steroid sport is simply impossible. The difference lies solely in the determination of doping. As already mentioned above, in bodybuilding, bodybuilding familiar with bodybuildingapplication is noticeable to everyone, and as a result, PRO athletes take tons of negative reviews.

There is a group of people who say that only in the pharmacological means of bodybuilding are used, turning a blind eye to the fact that many athletes who use drugs have been caught and continue to catch in any sport. The main argument for their legitimacy is the availability of WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. Unfortunately, there can be no question of honor and objectivity. All of this is a simple affair that is very similar to pharmaceuticals.

Nobody is investing in really effective drugs to cure the disease. Pharmaceuticals are only looking for ways to suppress the symptoms. Well, the AMA does not look like a "game", but right now there's just a huge amount of evidence that doping is inherent in any high performance sport, whether it's cycling, athletics, chess, MMA or bodybuilding.

The main causes of injuries in bodybuilding

Bad methods of conducting classes

Lack of discipline and training programs, improperly established training program - these are some of the main reasons for a possible injury. Try to train under the supervision of an experienced coach. If in the room you are attending, the instructor is not able to give exact answers to your questions, so it is best bodybuilding to change training sites. If you have begun to master a new movement, always start with the weight of the projectile, with which you can perform a minimum of 20 repetitions in a set. You must first master the technique perfectly and then only begin to progress weight.

Violations of training techniques

If you neglect the principle of consistency in the progression of loads, it is very likely that you will get damages. According to available statistics, for this reason, the athlete receives 40-70 percent of injuries. You must scrupulously respect the chosen training plan and do not rush from one side to the other. It is very important to consider a large number of different factors, eg age, size of bone structure, level of technical and physical training, etc., when designing the training program.

This group should also include no warm-up. Thanks to her, you prepare the body for the next powerful work, and very often it is the absence of heating that causes damage. This Bodybuildingdoing, you should do a general and special warm-up. In the first case, by performing various floats, slopes, jumps, etc., you prepare the entire body for the next workout. If the warm up was qualitative, then you will have a slight sweat and increase the speed of the blood flow.

A special warm-up is performed before each basic move that is part of your program. Perform one or two sets with a weight of 50 percent of the maximum and the maximum number of repetitions. Athletes are often sure that the warm-up only takes away the time that can be spent on basic training. But the worst was your workout, the biggest risk of injury, which can take a lot more time and money to process.

Violation of security in the room

Approximately 20% of injuries sustained by athletes are due to these reasons. Before you start attending the venue, you must ensure that all sports equipment and equipment are in good technical condition. Start working on the unit, always check the quality of the cables and the reliability of fixing the caps. When doing sit-ups, use special shoes and a weightlifting belt.

Gradually, you start working with significant bodybuilding weights, and in this case, you should think about using bandages. At the same time, it is not necessary to wear bandages or a belt throughout the training because they compress the blood vessels and aggravate the blood flow. It is also necessary to maintain a simple order in the room. It is the pancakes scattered on the earth that very often become the cause of the wounds.

Lack of educational work with athletes

The percentage of injuries received for these reasons is from 8 to 15. Now the conversation is mainly about the lack of discipline. You came here to practice, not to speak. You can communicate in the locker room after the training. The bodybuilding trainer must constantly communicate the label to visitors so that they avoid injuries.