Most common mistakes

If you ask ten athletes how steroids are best used, you will get ten different answers. If you ask for a reason such as why or how to come you will get answers like this: "The other guys in the gym do the same thing", "I heard that some pro takes the same compound; "I read in the book that you can get fantastic results," and many more can be heard. These statements reflect that this is unfortunately not the reality: hardly an athlete knows how steroids should be used at best. What should be taken in this dosage for how long? Is it better when I try this combination or should I try another one? If only I could know if my preparations are really original? Despite the fact that steroids have been used to improve athletic performance for over thirty years, most athletes are still uncertain. Thus, they can be easily manipulated and influenced. The information that is urgently lacking as there are no useful published scientific reviews, helpful doctors who are familiar with this subject are rare, special magazines conceal the problem, and the best athletes deny having ever used steroids. As a result, many mistakes are made which, if any, lead to unsatisfactory results and often unnecessary side effects. Although the range of mistakes made is very far, some stand out as the athletes keep repeating them. Everyone taking steroids or considering taking them should read it carefully in order to be sure that he will not be one of the thousands of athletes who wish to make some of these mistakes.

The use of an excessive dose:
Bodybuilders as extremes more than any other athlete. One acts according to the erroneous classical hypothesis that "more is better". If five tablets work well, then ten must double the effect. With such an attitude the door is open to potential side effects, and it is not even justified by a markedly improved effect. The effectiveness of almost all steroids is dose dependent to some degree and is achieved when the binding potential of steroid molecules and steroid receptors is exhausted. When the muscle cell receptors are saturated the remaining steroid molecules start looking for another target. Liver dysfunctions, kidney dysfunctions, hair loss, acne, high levels of estrogen, reduced production of the body's own hormones, and aggressiveness often have their origin in dosages that are too much high. The so-called mega-doses do not cause a much higher force and mass gain. Those who believe that 50 testosterone mg Dianabol and 1000 a day is the only way to an "ideal body" have, to put it mildly, misinformation.

Duration of the catch is too long:
Non-stop use of steroids is not recommended for most athletes for two reasons. First, when high doses are taken over a long period, the risk of potential side effects increases dramatically. The chances of organic lesions are especially high when oral 17-alpha alkylated steroids are continuously taken. Secondly, such behavior is very doubtful, since the effect of steroids administered weakens after a while, which, with a higher dose or a different preparation, can not be stopped briefly. Everyone should know that the more the steroid the. More quickly its effect decreases, so that use over a long period of time is even more stupid Is Anadrol gain increase usually reduced after 3-4 weeks while with Deca-Durabolin, by example, often continuous progress can be obtained on 10-12 weeks.

The use of the wrong steroid preparation:
all steroids are the same. There must be a clear distinction between androgens, highly potent steroids such as Anadrol, methyltestosterone, Dianabol, Halotestin, etc., and the weaker androgenic, mainly anabolic and less toxic preparations, such as B. Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin , Oxandrolone, Andriol, and Winstrol, since, on top of everything. The first mentioned drugs are those that cause several side effects so it makes sense to reduce their intake to a maximum of 6-8 weeks. In particular women, young adults and older athletes should be very careful in choosing steroid preparations. It would also be desirable for the general public and the media to consider this distinction in their future negative general opinions and articles.

Selecting an adverse take program:
The effectiveness of any steroid program can be dramatically increased by a skilful combination of steroids because they have a synergistic effect. This means that with a low total dose, better results can be achieved. Since multiple receptors are attacked, it is possible to delay the saturation of the receptor so that the combination of steroids will remain in effect for the longer period of time. At the same time, potential side effects can be minimized. Instead, for example, taking 50 mg of Dianabol a day, the athlete should take 20 mg / day and Dianabol 200 mg Deca Durabolin / week. As a general rule, it can be said that the best results can be obtained by combining an oral with an injectable steroid. The combination of two oral preparations such as Dianabol or Anadrol with Oxandrolone with Methyltestosterone makes less sense. As the effect of the reinforcing protein and the retention nitrogen of most steroids decreases after a few weeks one should start with a low dose that is increased slowly and steadily during the intake interval. Athletes whose cycle steroids last longer than 6-8 weeks should normally switch to a completely different combination. Another common mistake is the sudden interruption of the steroid diet. Many side effects, a possible rebound effect, and strength and weight loss can be reduced if the doses are decreased slowly and evenly. This also includes that at the end of the admission interval are not very effective at steroids such as testosterone and Anadrol are taken, but that the athlete passes softer and the preparation includes the removal courses.

The use of fake:
To correct this problem is very difficult for most athletes because the black market and its overwhelming preponderance of fake steroids is the only source of supply. Unsatisfactory results, often without positive results at all, and an unusual number of side effects are unfortunately common and caused by the use of fake. Many faked steroids are impure, do not contain suspected substances, are often significantly under-dosed or contain something completely different as indicated on the label.

Disinterest in periodic examinations by a doctor:
Every athlete who takes steroids should have a doctor periodically check his blood, urine, pH, liver values, and blood pressure. As important as the preliminary implementation of these tests is the right timing. It is important that the first examination is done before the plan. Thus, one can determine whether the athlete has the physical fitness to use steroids or, according to some factors should avoid certain preparations. This also allows for baseline and comparison data so that in a later review possible changes in the results can be easily determined. The second review is recommended 5-6 weeks after taking steroids. In addition the administration of steroids must depend on the result of the examinations. If the results are acceptable, four weeks after the end of the other test steroids program must be performed to check whether or not possible small deviations have been normalized. Ask your doctor to give you a written copy of your blood results and check the different values ​​with your doctor.

Neglect of external factors:
The use of steroids alone does not guarantee impressive results. Their effect strongly depends on four individual factors that together have a synergistic effect and are therefore called the magic rectangle: training, nutrition, rest and attitude. Especially when steroids are taken many athletes tend to neglect these important requirements.