Bodybuilding and other sports: how to combine?

bodybuilding and other sports

Gymnasiums are often visited bybodybuilding and other sports people engaged in other sports at a professional level. Learn to combine bodybuilding and other sports.

Bodybuilding is closely linked to other sports in that there is literally in each one of them a general physical training (OFP). We will give a definition of this concept below, but the main link is that cyclists, athletes, gymnasts, swimmers, skiers, tennis players and many other sportspeople visit the gym to maintain or improve their fitness. Gym - is without excessive modesty, the link is literally between all kinds of sports.


In order to understand how the Bodybuilding has a link with other sports, it is necessary, as always, to deepen the subject and to consider bodybuilding and other sports characteristics common to all types.

To begin, we determine what the sport. Sport, as defined by the Great Olympic Encyclopedia, is a competition for different types of physical exercises and their combinations, as well as a system for organizing and driving them. Well, the organizational and driving issues we omit, and pay attention to the actual physical exercises.

There are situations, the code that a person has to combine classes in the gym with other sports.Most often, they face three main questions:

  1. Is it so necessary for the representatives of other sports to rock their muscles?
  2. How to combine bodybuilding and other sports to improve results?
  3. How to start training for athletes who have completed their career?

We will now examine each of these issues in more detail.

Why should I coach athletes from other sports?

Very often, you can hear the opinion that a large muscle mass can hurt in other sports. Before refuting or confirming this opinion, it is necessary to understand the tasks that the muscles perform.

perform bodybuilding and other sports

The main goal that the muscles pursue is the movement of the skeletal parts. In any sport, some parts of the body must move, even in chess, it is necessary to move the figures by the table. Most sports are related to competition, which athlete is faster, stronger or more. In this case, it is the muscles that are the key.

Now many can have a completely natural question, from which there is so much information about the negative impact of a large mass of muscles on the outcome? The thing is that the muscles are designed to perform bodybuilding and other sports different types of work. This is also the case with training, because you can develop different indicators, not just gain weight.Thus, we should distinguish three main indicators of muscles that can be formed:

  • Muscular strength (power)is the ability of the muscles to perform 1 at 3 high intensity contractions. The force is driven with a small number of repetitions at the maximum working weight of the sports equipment. Between the approaches, it is necessary to take a long break to rest.
  • Endurance of the muscles- the ability of the muscles to perform work for a long period of time without a break. To form this capacity, it is necessary to use a large number of repetitions and average working weights.
  • La muscle capacity is the capacity of the muscles to do long-term power work with small breaks to rest. For training, volumetric work with medium or high work weights is used. The pause for rest is of the order of 30 to 90 seconds.

The main problem with bodybuilding is that during athlete competitions, only the appearance of the muscles is evaluated, not the degree of fitness. This is also the main reason for the lack of bodybuilding in the Olympic Games program.

Since the muscles have several parameters of their physical condition, under certain circumstances, a large muscle mass will not achieve high results. For example, if you need great muscle endurance, a large mass can interfere. This is due to the fact that large muscles mean high performance or bodybuilding and other low performance sports. With the stamina of strength, muscles can maintain a high work rate for a given period of time, and that's not at all what big muscles can give.

There are also other factors, in addition to the intensity and magnitude of the load, which are different when bodybuilding and other sportsthe training of different muscular qualities. Maybe the main thing is speed.

For this reason, bodybuilders are often presented with claims related to the "slow" and "hardened" muscles. With this statement, we can agree, because the generation of great efforts reduces the speed of movement. This is due to the natural adaptation of the body. Professional bodybuilders understand this fact on an instinctive level. To lift a large weight, it is necessary to perform the movements relatively slowly, so that the muscles get bigger.

In simpler terms, the bodybuilder muscles are not slow in that they are bad, but because they are designed to perform bodybuilding and other sports power for a long period of time. They contract slowly, because in bodybuilding speed is not important. Thus, the athlete develops his power work ability.

How to combine bodybuilding and other sports?

Of all the above written, many have already realized that there is a concept of sport specificities.

  1. The essence offirst factor, which should be taken into account when combining, is that the qualities that are formed develop.
  2. The second factoris the narrowness of the specializations needed to achieve high results. In other words, the maximum possible result will be achieved in the load at which the training is performed. Of course, you can develop all muscular indicators in harmony, but often the required result can only be achieved in one direction. Here, and concentrate all your efforts. Let's say, an athlete is engaged in power triathlon and specializes in bench press. Plus, he runs for a moment. It's good for the body's overall development, but it's bodybuilding and other bad sports for maximum results. It is necessary to decide and choose a thing.
  3. The third factoris the degree of removal of the trained capacities of the muscles. To win all sports, a quality is required, and the more it trains (closer), the higher the results can be.
  4. Well, the last one, thefourth factor- the weight category. The muscles have a significant weight and at their large size, the athlete can very well exceed his weight class. It is clear that in this case the chances of a high score are, as a rule, considerably reduced.

Thus, the athletes must determine themselves the priority direction of the training. Get everything and it does not work right away. As a result, you bodybuilding and other sports can not achieve positive results in any sports.