Natural bodybuilding

natural bodybuilding

Now, more and more, we have to think of the phrase " natural bodybuilding ". However, to escapenatural bodybuilding reality is not possible and it is necessary to admit that anabolic steroids are used both professionally and amateurly. Athletes who want to gain muscle mass and burn subcutaneous fat accumulation, it is necessary to combine intense training, good nutrition program, sports supplements and additional cardio load.

At the same time, when using various steroids, for example, testosterone, growth hormone, etc., it can be done much faster "do not die" in the lobby. This is the reason for the popularity of anabolic drugs. Perhaps, no one will dispute the fact that professional athletes use steroids in recent decades. According to available statistics, nearly 99% of athletes at least once in their career, but have used drugs. The remaining athletes are easy to learn - almost always they get places at the end of the rankings.

However, even now many fans have a natural bodybuilding. Athletes who have chosen the path of heavy training are unwilling to use anabolic drugs.

What is natural bodybuilding?

For the first time, this term natural bodybuilding appeared at the very beginning of the 90 years. The main objective pursued by admirers of the new direction was to refuse the use of steroids. For the athletes who chose this path, there was no need to become the winner of "Mr. Olympia" or to have smart muscles. More important for them was their own health and fitness. In order to support the movement, special publications promoting the natural bodybuildingSteroids rejection began to appear.

Now, there are organizations that continue the activity. They continue to encourage athletes to abandon the use of chemicals and focus on healthy lifestyles and natural competition. There have also been scandals when information about steroid use in the past by some "natural" athletes has become public. Before the competition of athletes who have abandoned steroids, now a test of doping of natural bodybuilding routine is going on, and they must also undergo a lie detector.

It must be said that the athletes who took the doping earlier are also allowed to participate in the competition, but the last course of anabolic drugs should have been adopted at least seven years ago.

Among the illicit drugs for bodybuilders are not only popular steroids, such as testosterone or Stanozol but preparations have begun recently - inhibitors of myostatin, gene doping, stem cells, etc. It is allowed to use medical preparations, used in the treatment of asthma, allergies or inflammation. However, they should not have a pronounced anabolic effect. It is also allowed to consume alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. These substances are present in the lives of ordinary people.

What is allowed in natural bodybuilding

Of course, generally without taking any medication will not work. Athletes expose their bodies to heavy loads and they need extra nutrients. Thus, the natural is allowed to use mixtures of proteins, amino acid compounds, glucose, vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as creatine. All of these substances are part of the food, but athletes need to consume them more than ordinary people.

In addition, athletes can use Naturals-certain herbal and adaptogenic medical preparations that can improve power performance, endurance and enable the Commission to Combat Doping in Sport. The base for the bodybuilder, who has chosen the path of natural sport make a better training and a healthy lifestyle. If necessary, they can use approved pharmacological drugs.

Natural bodybuilding has its advantages and disadvantages. Too often, athletes are disappointed, not seeing progress in their training. Anyone who wants to choose the path of a natural sport, must know that they can expect to come.Among the disadvantages are:

  • A lot of patience and effort are needed to complete the defined tasks;
  • To achieve such results, which show athletes using anabolic, will never succeed;
  • Do not expect to participate in professional tournaments and even more to win them;
  • When you can get positive results, many will not believe that steroids have not been accepted for that;
  • It is necessary to constantly struggle with the desire to pass the course of anabolic drugs in order to accelerate the increase in the mass of muscle tissue.

However, in bodybuilding you can find and positive points:

  • Do not have to look for steroids and spend money on them;
  • You do not risk your own health at all, but only improve it;
  • Girls love guys with hardened muscles, and you'll be one of them;
  • You can be proud of the results achieved because they were achieved through hard work in the lobby.

Sports nutrition in bodybuilding

In the preparatory period before the competition, the athletes focus on three main points: food, musculation and cardio training. Some athletes use approved food additives to improve their performance. Among the banned drugs is a fairly large number of different substances and today the conversation will only be on the permit. In addition, this article will not discuss the use of protein mixtures, as these rules are similar to the rules for the consumption of proteins that are contained in conventional products. So what can you use for athletes who have chosen natural bodybuilding.


La Creatine is considered the most powerful of all licensed supplements. When using creatine an adult who has no health problems, no adverse effects on the kidneys and liver should not be expected. A large number of studies have been conducted that have proven the high efficiency of creatine monohydrate to enhance muscle tissue growth and increase strength. In natural bodybuildingaverage, with a daily dose of 20 grams, taken during 4 at 28 days, you can gain about 2 kilograms of weight.

In this respect, it should be noted that the drug loading phase in this case is not of paramount importance. Using this dose, approximately 20% increases the level of creatine in the muscles. Then, it can be maintained by applying 3 grams of creatine per day.

Now you can find for sale other forms of creatine, for example, ethyl acetate and the buffers of the substance. Producers are trying to present them as a more effective replacement for conventional creatine monohydrate, which, in general, is not surprising. However, at present, there is no scientific evidence for these claims. But nevertheless, of all additives, creatine is the most popular among all athletes, not only professing natural bodybuilding.


This supplement is becoming more and more popular among athletes every day. Almost immediately after entering the blood, beta-alanine is absorbed into the muscle tissue and actively participates in the synthesis of carnosine, a dipeptide, required for anaerobic charges. If beta-alanine is used at 6,4 grams per day for four weeks, the corneal level is increased by 64%. In addition, the drug when used for one to two months significantly improves the endurance rate and isnatural bodybuilding able to add up to 1 kilogram of muscle mass.

Efficacy is significantly improved with simultaneous delivery of beta-alanine and creatine. At present, it is unclear exactly what will bring to the body the long-term use of beta-alanine. So far, it has been established that when an overdose of the drug occurs, the onset of paresthesia symptoms, which disappear quickly after the lowering of the dose.

Citrullina Malate

This supplement is also becoming more popular with bodybuilders. But so far, it is too early to talk about its effectiveness with confidence.Citrulline Malate should act in three ways:

  • It is an indispensable component for the synthesis of urea;
  • It inhibits the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles;
  • He is able to turn into arginine.

It was found that when taking the drug for two weeks, ATP production increased by 35%. Also during studies, the property of the drug has been found to speed up the process of tissue repair.