Peptides and anabolic steroids: communication and comparison

peptides and bodybuilding

Do I need to use "chemistry" to increase strengthpeptides and bodybuilding muscle and build muscle? After all, with the help of long training, you can get good results. So, it's time to read the article and draw some useful conclusions.

In order to get fast results in muscle growth and strength, many bodybuilders use "chemistry". If the use of steroids athletes can increase the size of muscle cells, so that their number was different, using peptides - they are able to change the genetics of that expressed in the quantitative and qualitative changes. Steroids are not able to change cells at the genetic level. Another result obtained in the peptides does not disappear after withdrawal of the drug, unlike conventional steroid courses.

Comparison of peptides and anabolic agents

Such drugs can regulate digestive processes. In addition, with their help, you can increase or decrease your appetite. Others have an analgesic effect. There are also those who regulate higher nervous activity. As for sports, here peptide preparations are used - analogues of various hormones.

Consider, that similar peptides and that differ from anabolic steroids:

  1. Strength growth. The winners are anabolic.
  2. The increase in body weight. It all depends on the degree of training of the athletes.
  3. peptide comparisonRestoration process after classes. Steroids in the shortest time are able to restore the body's reserves, while the athlete can train at least daily. This property can not boast of all the peptides. Despite accelerating the recovery process, exceptional results can not always be achieved.
  4. Side effects. According to the frequency of the appearance of negative manifestations in the context of taking drugs in the first place AAS. If it's wrong to take anabolic steroids, it can hurt the athlete. As for the peptides, they do not harm the body even if they are used inefficiently.
  5. The cost of the cycle. It all depends on the duration and complexity of the course.

Peptides are suitable for those who are in no hurry to get fast results, do not want to overload the body with "chemistry" in the face of anabolic steroids, which can damage peptides and bodybuilding and cause many side effects. So, it is better to be slower, but more confident and safer.

Advantages and disadvantages of peptides

The benefits of peptides in sports are manifested by:

  • They are quite affordable.
  • Due to the fact that they have different mechanisms of influence on the body and that there are differences in half-lives, it becomes possible to work with concentrations.
  • The effect on the feeling of hunger and the metabolism are different.
  • The doping is not detected by the control - it decomposes without leaving a trace.
  • To verify the authenticity, it is enough to give blood to the contents of somatotropin.

Disadvantages and possible side effects when using peptides:

  1. The headaches are pretty impressive.
  2. There is a period of weakness.
  3. Blood pressure increases.
  4. Attention is reduced.
  5. In lieu of injections, bloating and itching may occur.
  6. After administration of the drug, hematomas are possible.

Peptides and bodybuilding

If the usual hormonal-steroid drugs have long been banned, there is no law that would not allow the production and distribution of peptides. As a result, athletes are increasingly stopping their choice while taking peptides.

The use of peptides for athletes is as follows:

  • Increases the production of natural anabolic hormones - this refers to growth hormone and testosterone.
  • Regeneration processes become faster.
  • Thus, it is possible to influence the mechanisms of cell division at the cellular level.
  • There is a one-time impact on problem areas. Thus, unlike ordinary hormones that act on the whole body, peptides can affect individual organs and cells. As a result, the effectiveness of the drugs is greatly increased, and the side effect is reduced as much as possible.

It's a pretty complex sport, involving long grueling workouts to get the most out of it. There is a place for apeptides and bodybuilding rigid diet of the day and strict diets. And that's why many athletes are trying to achieve the use of "chemistry" faster and easier.

In order to achieve results quickly and sustain them, use a variety of ways to stimulate the peptidesmuscle development, fat burning and other results. Yes, now these drugs are safer, which can not be said about the drugs used decades ago.

In today's world, it is common among bodybuilding peptides, which, like steroids, have their positive and negative sides. Let's start with the obvious benefits of course The use of these drugs: appetite control - increase or decrease, improves sleep, strengthens the immune system, normal emotional state increased libido.

If you decide that peptides are magic pills in bodybuilding, it is in fact not the case. There are many imitations, as well as drugs that are completely useless. In addition, the effect of peptides strictly individually. Perhaps it is that you will have no sense to take these medications.

The main problem is that most drugs that have an effective effect give the same negative side effects as anabolic steroids.

Types of peptides in bodybuilding

These drugs act in a narrow and directional way. They are able to affect the body in separate organs and systems. In bodybuilding apply 2 types of peptides:

  1. functionality. The action takes place instantly. These peptides are in turn divided into 2 species more - for muscle growth and for weight loss. In the first case, the action is based on stimulating the production of growth hormones. In addition, the drug has a positive effect on the strengthening of ligaments and peptides and bodybuilding immune system. If we consider the action of the preparations for fine growth, the peptides in this case promote strengthening of secretion of growth hormones. The metabolism is accelerated, the fat is burned, the appetite is reduced.
  2. structural. They have a direct effect only after amino acid cleavage - their individual chains. The synthesis of the protein begins: it is used as a building material to form new fibers of muscle tissue. In addition, such peptides help create conditions for anabolism and provide the body with nutrients.

In any case, you use steroids or peptides, it is very important to start a course without having to see a doctor. He will prescribe correct peptides and bodybuilding dosages. Yes, and treated with these drugs should be supervised by specialists. Otherwise, there is a clear threat to your health.

The most popular peptides: the happiness hormone is endorphin, leptin is an important peptide for weight loss. There are, of course, others, but these are the most popular.

How to take peptides in sports

For administration in the body is necessary to prepare a syringe of insulin and bactericidal water. Regarding the dosage, you should consult your doctor - only he can individually choose the right way and dosage.
peptides and bodybuilding

Possible complications of long-term use of anabolic steroids or overdose: increased libido, delay in sperm formation, liver damage due to accumulation of toxic products, headache, irritability, nausea , itching, heartburn, swelling. Athletespeptides and bodybuilding may experience muscle hardness.

Such phenomena may be due to incorrect dosage ratio and use of terms, which means it's time to talk with your doctor and trainer. Can not independently make a decision, otherwise you just hurt your health.