Oxydrolone Alpha Pharma


Brand: Alpha Pharma

Substance: Oxymétholone (Anadrol)

Package: 50mg (50 pills)

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Effects of admission

  • Severe muscle hypertrophy. If you are not an athlete in competition, you can take Oxydrolone safely because there is no more effective oral steroid to increase muscle volume. With a certain genetic predisposition, for a solo course, the athlete can add up to 15 kilograms of weight. And even in spite of the tangible retracement phenomenon, which will probably take 15 at 30% of recruits in your home, the effect is very, very important anyway.
  • Increased strength.
  • Elimination of joint pain.
  • Decrease in the concentration of globulin. The effect can significantly increase the effectiveness of the steroids used on the course with Anadrol.

According to the research, taking this steroid, even when not exposed to physical exertion, allows you to gain up to 5 kilograms of muscle mass. In addition, experiments have shown that users not only increase muscle volume, but also significantly reduce the percentage of fat deposits (especially in the abdominal region). The use of a steroid within reasonable limits does not interfere with the functioning of the liver.

How to take Oxydrolone

The lesson Oxydrolone is used to gain muscle mass. The recommended duration of taking a steroid is 4 at 6 weeks, at a dose of about 100 milligrams a day. Given the change in the hormonal context due to the taking ofOxydrolone by Alfa Pharma, it is best to divide the daily rate into two or even three portions. Increasing the dosage above 100 milligrams does not lead to significant improvements in the results, but at the same time increases the likelihood of side effects. If you try this medicine for the first time, it will be prudent to limit the dose to 50 milligrams. After completion of the course, PCT is conducted, the main purpose of which is to restore the secretion of its own testosterone. Testosterone Booster or Tribulus will face this task.

Regarding how to take Oxydrolone in combined courses, so for the combination of muscle mass effective combinations are Oxydrolone avec Trenbolone et Primobolan. Pour augmenter les forces, vous pouvez inclure la testostérone et le stanozololol. La chose principale est de ne pas en faire trop avec le dosage. Stanozolol en conjonction avec oxymetholone est un « duo » suffisamment traumatisant, qui peut entraîner des blessures (par exemple, une lésion ou une rupture des ligaments).

Side effects of Oxydrolone

Opinions on the hepatotoxicity of the drug have been divided. For some reason, unlike research, "people" strongly believe that the steroid is supposed to be super-exercised on the liver. In fact, the toxicity is greatly exaggerated. The real side effects ofOxydrolone are the increase in blood pressure, gynecomastia, water retention in the body. To avoid negative reactions, it is recommended to monitor the level of estradiol on the course. Rarely, but there may be mild nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite.