Testorapid (ampoules) Alpha Pharma


Brand: Alpha Pharma

Substance: Testosterone Propionate

Package: 10 ampoules (100mg / ml)


Anabolic and androgenic steroid effects of the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient is testosterone propionate. Release Form - 10 ml and 10 × 1 ml package of 100 mg / ml. TestoRapid is one of the most popular steroids in power sports. Propionate is the shortest ether and determines the properties of the drug. Most of the time, TestoRapid is used not to gain muscle but to store it.

Testosterone propionate is a hormone to which a molecule of propionic acid is attached. The disadvantage of TestoRapid is the need to inject three times a week or even every other day, the advantage is that it has less detection time for doping than analogs (the "test" is found during 4 weeks, and in certain circumstances to be used by professional athletes). The drug strongly suppresses the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary testes, is not toxic to the liver and has a high degree of conversion to estrogen. The duration of the action is 2-3 days.

How to take TestoRapid

The solo course TestoRapid is generally used by novice athletes. The duration of admission varies from one month to two, the injections are made every two days, the dosage is 50-100 milligrams. Steroids must be combined with anti-estrogens. The right options are Proviron or aromatase inhibitors. Properly chosen dosages of pharmacological agents can avoid or minimize side effects. As a post-treatment treatment, tamoxifen is used.

As for how to take TestoRapid in combination with other anabolic and androgenic steroids, it all depends on the goal of the athlete. To train the relief musculature (ie, on "drying" courses) testosterone propionate is most often combined with Primobolan, Masteron, Stanozolol and Trenbolone Acetate. Testosterone Propionate is very effective with Winstrol. Combinations of these two drugs can achieve a synergistic effect and reduce the likelihood of adverse side reactions in the body. There are opinions that the steroid also has a local action, ie it has a greater impact directly on the injection site. However, scientifically, these conjectures are not confirmed and are false.

Side effects

The most commonly observed side effects TestoRapid are the redness at the site of the injections and the pain caused by frequent injections. The negative effect of the steroid on the body is estrogenic in nature, as testosterone is aromatized and becomes dihydrotestosterone and estrogen. If treatment times and dosages are exceeded, gynecomastia, alopecia (or hair loss), acne, enlarged prostate and masculinization may occur. Dystorapid significantly inhibits the production of testosterone by the body. The complete restoration of the normal level of the hormone occurs in 2-3 months. With moderate use, the steroid does not affect the kidneys, liver and other internal organs. Do not take TestoRapid for women because of serious androgenic effects.

Avis sur TestoRapid

Athletes note that TestoRapid provides an increase in quality muscle mass with a slight recoil phenomenon. The main complaints concern the poor tolerance of injections. In general, Alpha Pharma's TestoRapid reviews speak of a steroid as an effective tool for "drying out" courses, which not only saves recruited mass, but also increases strength and stamina.

Professional athletes are welcome to use testosterone propionate in combined classes. Testimonies on Aster for mixed use indicate the possibility of a combination with Primobolan, Trenbolone, Masteron and other steroids.