Turinox – Turinabol 10 Alpha Pharma


Brand: Alpha Pharma

Substance: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestostérone)

Package: 10mg (50 pills)


Turinox (Turinabol) Buy Online

Turinox (Turinabol) is an anabolic steroid used to increase muscle mass and strength. If the comparison of anabolic steroids, it is considered that 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is a safe steroid, it is not able to aromatase into estrogen; therefore estrogenic side effects are rare. Turinabol is a derivative of methandrostenolone, or the so-called brand name Dianabol, and it does not promote water retention. It is believed that 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone produces slow muscle mass and strength, but the results are long-lasting even after stopping the drug. In some of the studies reports, it has been proven that Turinox does not show dangerous for health effects.

Turinabol is often compared to Dianabol because of several structural and effect similarities like the presence of 17-alpha-alkylated ones. Nevertheless Turinox has a lower level of androgenic activity. The use of this compound of bodybuilders certainly will not get a swollen look like this is the case with Testosterone, Dianabol and AnadrolMore Turinabol offers an excellent result that manifests itself in a strong muscle gain and, if taken over several weeks with a good training program. Turinox does not retain water and can not be flavored. Bodybuilders who use this steroid will not have to complain with estrogenic side effects. Turinabol is also popular among weightlifters and weightlifters who appreciate these features.

Turinox (Turinabol) Dosage

Turinox favorise la « qualité » de la masse musculaire, la façon dont la plupart des athlètes font souvent appel à elle. 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is a medication that comes in tablet form, which makes them easy to take and follow the entire treatment period. It is indicated for male users to take a dose of 20 at 40 mg each day. Considering it is a slow action of steroids, this dose is effective and has proven to work on many users. It can be used in combination with other drugs to increase the level of testosterone in the body. The duration of treatment is usually 6 weeks. By this time, all the users see favorable to the increase of the lean mass and favorable to the increase of the muscular force.

Turinox (Turinabol) Side Effects

The possible side effects of Turinox usually depend on the dosage level and sex. Possible side effects in men are menopause hot flushes and occasionally, visual disturbances, blurred vision, flicker or flashing. Liver problems can not be excluded; however they are very unlikely because of the low liver toxicity of Turinabol. In the case of women, since this steroid stimulates the ovaries, enlargement of the ovaries and abdominal pain can occur.